Lost or Found items

Lost or found something?

You can of course report on Nextdoor, but not everyone is affiliated with it. Facebook also does not usually have the desired effect. What then ?

According to article 5 of our Civil Code, every citizen must, if he does not know who it belongs to, report an object to the municipality.
This can be done in a number of ways: taking the object to the Lost and Found Counter (Vestdijk 147) or to a police station; calling 14040 is of course also a possibility.

But the object can also be registered via the websites  https://www.verlorenofgevonden.nl/melding?lang=en or https://ilost.co/en/.   On these sites you can also see if your lost item has been found and reported.

More info  (in dutch) on the website of the municipality: https://www.eindhoven.nl/stad-en-wonen/stad/vrije-tijd/gevonden-of-verloren-voorwerpen.