Means of communication within the neighbourhood

We see several new ways of communication entering the neighbourhood. In this article, we want to inform you on the most important ones:

  • SBG Buurt Information paper: on paper and electronically available, on a quarterly basis. In the paper, you find announcements of work groups and the SBG board, information about neighbourhood activities and stories of local residents.
  • SBG Website ( contains announcements of work groups and neighbourhood activities. It also contains useful overviews. You can find the electronic version of the SBG Buurt Information paper and application forms for local activities here as well.
  • SBG on Facebook: becoming bigger and bigger. Things like events will be shared here: @Genderbeemd
  • Nextdoor App: There is a high number of Nextdoor users in our neighbourhood. The advantage of this channel is that you can filter on what you would like to see. Residents mainly use it to share information about lost & found, suspicious situations, a market place to buy and sell stuff (often for free or very low prices), share things like tools (ladder, drill etc). Nextdoor works via App and desktop; There are more similar apps, but because of the high users in our neighbourhood, we only elaborate on the Nextdoor app.
  • Buitenbeter app: used to report problems in public area, e.g. loose tiles, junk on the sidewalk. You can take a picture directly with the app to report the incident. Issues will be picked up relatively quickly. You will also receive feedback on the progress. Link: The alternative is calling 14040.
  • Cure Afvalkalender: the app has been renovated completely (version 5.0), which makes it way more user friendly. With this app you can find when the different trash cans in your street will be emptied. You can also find here if there is a change in this schedule and set up alarms, so you get a notification when you have to put the right trash can on your sidewalk. Desktopsite and links to the app (iOS and Android 4.4 or newer):
  • Whatsapp groups: everyone is free to create Whatssapp groups with local residents. Currently there is no Whatssapp group available of our neighbourhood (as far as we know). If you have any other channels you would like to share with us, please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you would like to get more information on the channels mentioned above, e.g. how to install or use one of the apps, you can also contact us via this email address.