SBG General Information

Stichting Buurtbeheer (Neighbourhood Management) Genderbeemd.

SBG is an non-profit organisation. It was set up with the aim of helping to raise the standards of the living environment (improving the quality of life) and safety in the Genderbeemd area. 
This is achieved by:

  • Assessment of interests and opinions of those in the neighbourhood.
  • Support of local residents initiatives, which are in line with the ideas of the organisation.
  • Strengthening cooperation and coordination between groups and institutions focused in the area.
  • Promoting neighbourhood interests.
  • Trying to achieve suitable solutions for any identified problem

The following four working groups have been created for these purposes:

Living environment

The aim of this working group is to promote and improve the environment,  respectively maintaining the quality of life and enjoyment of living in the area. They look at the lives of residents in the area and work together to make improvements with among others the local council. 

Crime prevention

This working group aims to reduce crime and vandalism and aim to let residents play an active role in crime prevention. 


The aim of this working group is to promote accessibility and road safety in and around the Genderbeemd area. They do this by regularly checking on the traffic in the neighbourhood, identifying bottlenecks and unsafe situations. They propose new improvements to the relevant local council department.

In addition, SBG provides information to the residents about the issues it handles:

  • Distributing the newsletter/information sheet “info SBG”, which is delivered four times a year to all addresses in the neighbourhood.
  • Taking care of this website, on which it is possible to quickly provide urgent information if necessary.