Introduction by the area coordinator

My name is Marita Kuster. I work at the Eindhoven municipality as area coordinator for the neighbourhoods Genderbeemd, Genderdal, Hanevoet, and Ooievaarsnest. My goal is to contribute to liveability and safety in your neigbourhood together with you: the inhabitants.

First point of contact

As area coordinator I am the first point of contact between you and the municipality. I am the contact person for inhabitants, organisations, and entrepreneurs and also for police, welfare organisations, housing corporations, healthcare organisations, schools, etc. What opportunities are there in your neighbourhood? And how can you contribute? I’ll happily help you with these types of questions.

Cooperation and communication

Working together with locals is very important. This is why I regularly talk to various stakeholders in the neighbourhoods. Getting people in touch with each other is an important part of my job. This ensures that all involved parties are in close contact with one another and can communicate about their work and help each other where needed. Above all, together we’re stronger and more likely to find solutions that work.

Eyes and ears

I am the “eyes and ears” in your neighbourhood on behalf of the municipality, which means that I can pass on your recommendations to the right people in the municipality. This can be about topics such as traffic, foliage in the neighbourhood, social issues, safety, disturbances, etc. I’m happy to help out with topics such as resident participation, neighbourhood watch, setting up a consultation structure, and projects such as GOudT (a Gestel-based project which aims to help elderly people participate in society and live at home for longer). I see it as one of my most important tasks to stimulate valuable projects that are initiated in your neighbourhood.

Are there any issues in your local area? For example: rubbish on the street, loose paving stones, or damaged benches or rubbish bins? There are various ways to contact the municipality about these issues:



You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am available Monday – Thursday.