• Wickenburg 1

    Wickenburg 1

  • Gender 2

    Gender 2

  • bomengroep Sterkenburg

    bomengroep Sterkenburg

  • De Genderhof

    De Genderhof

  • ML Kingstraat

    ML Kingstraat

  • spin speeltuin Ravensdonk

    spin speeltuin Ravensdonk

  • Nelson Mandelapark

    Nelson Mandelapark

  • speeltuintje Sterkenburg

    speeltuintje Sterkenburg

  • Gender 5

    Gender 5

  • speeltuintje ML Kingstraat

    speeltuintje ML Kingstraat

  • Eimerick


  • Sporthal Genderbeemd

    Sporthal Genderbeemd

  • Gender 6

    Gender 6

  • moeras langs Poot van Metz

    moeras langs Poot van Metz

  • Gender 1

    Gender 1

  • Aldendriel


  • Groeneveld-Akerendam


  • Stapelen


  • Gender 4

    Gender 4

  • Swing - ijzeren driehoek

    Swing - ijzeren driehoek

  • plattegrond Genderbeemd

    plattegrond Genderbeemd

  • speeltuintje Eimerick 2

    speeltuintje Eimerick 2

  • Zuidewijn


  • Gender 3

    Gender 3

  • Herlaer


  • speeltuintje Eimerick 1

    speeltuintje Eimerick 1

  • Wickenburg 2

    Wickenburg 2

  • Akerendam


  • Bouvigne


  • Severeinpark


  • Herlaer 2

    Herlaer 2

  • Nijenrode


Hans Vossen

In the June 2012 issue there was a call: "We are looking for an editor for our Information Sheet. For more info contact .....". And because from June 1, 2012 I had more free time and I also have some experience with formatting text, I signed up as editor of the magazine; after all, the magazine only appears 4 times a year. I immediately got to work on the September issue of that year.

In the meantime, some things have been added, such as this (now bilingual) website and our Facebook page @SBGenderbeemd. The responsibility for the delivery of the magazine now lies with me, since Reinier van den Broek moved to another neighbourhood.
Every quarter I enjoy collecting copy, turning it into a sheet that fits the correct number of pages, sending it to the printing company on time, distributing it and taking it to the deliverers, who then ensure that the bulletin is on time in every letterbox in the Genderbeemd.

Wil de Vries

foto Wil website

I have been active in and for this area since 1997.

I am currently committed to safe living, which is a very broad subject.

My motivation: I would like to live - just like you - in a nice, beautiful and safe neighbourhood.