E-scooters now also in our neighbourhood.

We have already seen quite a few of these scooters in our neighbourhood,  from both companies:

Want to go to town ?  Then this is a great alternative, especially for using your car. Around 25 cents per minute, so for € 2.50 you can be in the city, wherever you want to be, quickly and without having to use the parking meter.

But there can also be inconvenience caused by obstructive parking in our neighborhood. Not every driver understands what Go-Sharing and Felyx mean by "make sure that when parking your e-scooter you do not cause any inconvenience and do not block any entrance or exit".

If such a scooter is in front of your garage or in the middle of the sidewalk or is it blocking an exit from the sidewalk for a pram / walker etc., you can report this to the company. The company has a duty to resolve this within 24 hours by moving or collecting the scooter. Agreements have also been made with the municipality, and if reporting to the company does not help, you can always take a photo with the "BuitenBeter"-app.

Report hindrance:

Felyx: notification form. In very urgent cases (emergency) you can of course also call: (+31) 085 2080470

Go-Sharing: contact form or notification form. In very urgent cases (emergency) call: (+31) 085 9022901