Waste separation: Plastic expanded to PBD

You may have read it in the Eindhovens dagblad or Groot Eindhoven or seen it in the Cure App: The Plastic collection is extended to PBD: Plastic, Tin and Drink Cartons.

This means that from the end of October 2020, not only plastic, but also food- and beverage cans, as well as cartons of milk, yoghurt, fruit juices, etc., may be placed in the Plastic container.

The container still says "Plastic", but the PBD waste is allowed in there. See also the information on the Cure site (https://www.cure-afvalbeheer.nl/en/all-about-waste/pbd/)

At the Kastelenplein shopping center one container is opposite the pharmacy and general practitioners and the other on the side of the Aldi. PBD containers are also located at the AH-XL on Limburglaan (opposite the intake of bottles and crates).